Ernest Henry Mining has a kilometre-deep shaft that enabled us to ramp up copper production from three million tonnes to over six million tonnes per annum in 2015 and beyond similarly this doubles annual metal production to more than 70,000 tonnes of copper and 100,000 ounces of gold in concentrate over an extended mine life to 2026. 

The shaft underground mine includes:

  • more than 50 kilometres of underground development, including a six kilometre decline
  • a kilometre-deep shaft and associated infrastructure, including an underground primary crusher and 1.2 kilometres of below surface and overland conveyors to transport the ore to and from the hoisting system to our existing concentrator for processing
  • a 75 metre high permanent headframe to house the hoisting system, with a capacity to lift around 1,000 tonnes per hour
  • reconfiguring the concentrator has allowed alignment with the underground production rate

We utilise an innovative sub-level caving mining method and are currently operating across four production levels.

The decline will continue to be used as the main access point for our underground workforce for the life of the mine.


To view photographs and a video showing the construction of our underground shaft, please refer to our Gallery page.