‚ÄčThe copper-gold concentrate produced at Ernest Henry Mining is a grey-coloured powder containing around 29.5% copper and 11 grams per tonne of gold.

It is transported by road, using local contractors, to Glencore's copper smelter in Mount Isa for smelting.

The copper anodes that are produced during the smelting process contain about 99.7% copper and these are taken by rail and road to Glencore's Copper's refinery in Townsville for refining.

The final product, LME (London Metal Exchange) Grade A copper cathode, contains 99.995% copper. The copper cathode is delivered by road, rail and ship to domestic and export customers.

During the refining process the precious metals contained in the anodes - gold and silver  - are captured and then sold as a product called 'tankhouse slimes', which is exported  for further processing.