‚ÄčErnest Henry Mining (EHM) believes that contributing to the development of the Cloncurry community, and engaging with our stakeholders in two-way and open dialogue, enhances our corporate reputation and is crucial to maintain our social licence to operate.

In line with Glencore's Code of Conduct, our community practices are characterised by active engagement and dialogue with our stakeholders through regular, open and accurate communication.

We believe that contributing to, and engaging in, open dialogue with local communities enhances our corporate reputation. This helps us gain access to new resources, maintain our licence to operate, identify and act on business opportunities and address mitigation risk.

We make every effort to identify and address any concerns of local stakeholders by working with them, especially those most affected by our operations. Where this involves major change, we seek consultation with indigenous communities regarding any projects that may affect their territories, based on sufficient and accessible information before any changes are made.

Each year we host a number of forums to enable our stakeholders to hear updates on our performance and to raise issues or questions with our senior management team. These forums include:

  • Community Information Sessions (two every year)
  • Neighbours Dinner

We also conduct surveys to gather feedback on community needs and concerns, and host informal meetings and briefings as required.