‚ÄčErnest Henry Mining (EHM) supports the Cloncurry community through our Community Assistance Program which includes sponsorships, donations and in-kind support.

Through the program, we traditionally sponsor Cloncurry's major events, including the:

In 2018, EHM has invested almost $95,000 on sponsorships, donations and other community support initiatives in Cloncurry.

How to apply for support

To be eligible for either financial assistance or in-kind support from EHM, the organisation or association must:

  1. be non profit;
  2. have a high level of community involvement in Cloncurry Shire and a commitment to actively encourage this involvement;
  3. demonstrate efforts of self-help, funded not only by outright donations but also from other initiatives;
  4. demonstrate how the funding will directly benefit people in Cloncurry Shire; and
  5. be able to legitimately raise funds.

In line with our Community Assistance Program, we will look favourably at those organisations that have made efforts to raise funds through alternative funding sources, that have demonstrated a commitment to self-help and are organised and clear about the objectives of their organisation and/ or event.

While we support many sporting organisations and events in a number of ways, we do not provide funds to individual teams or to profit making enterprises, nor do we donate funds to individuals raising money as entrants in charitable events or for personal pursuits.

This program calls for applications on a quarterly the below table outlines timelines for the 2019 Community Assistance Program:

QuarterCall for applicationsApplication closing DateApplication notificationsPayments
2 (2019)11 February22 February

18-22 March

3 (2019)13 May24 May17-21 JuneJuly-September
4 (2019)12 August23 August16-20 SeptemberOctober-December
1 (2020)11 November 201922 November 2019 16-20 December 2019January-March 2020

CAP guidelines and application form

For more information about our Community Assistance Program and to apply for support through this program, please refer to our Community Assistance Program Application Form or contact the EHM Community Relations department at the details provided on the Contact Us page.

FOR More information

If you would like to know more about our sponsorship and donation activities phone our Community Relations team on
07 4769 4364.