​Cloncurry celebrates the opening of a new community hub

In August 2012, the $8 million Cloncurry Community Precinct opened its doors to the public, following a $2.75 million contribution from Ernest Henry Mining (EHM).  

The Precinct, as it is affectionately known as by locals, is a central community hub incorporating the Bob McDonald Library, the Dr David Harvey-Sutton Gallery, the Ernest Henry Mining Function Rooms, community open space and commercial kitchen and amenities. The project to build the Precinct also included the refurbishment of the historic Cloncurry Shire Hall and Council Chambers that now adjoin the Precinct and together make-up the Cloncurry Community Precinct.

The $8 million Cloncurry Community Precinct was a major infrastructure project for Cloncurry Shire Council in partnership with EHM, the Queensland Government and the Australian Federal Government. It was chosen by Cloncurry Shire Council as a key community project to redevelop the existing historic Cloncurry Shire Hall and to create a central, modern facility to improve existing infrastructure and introduce new services to town.

The project involved refurbishing the Cloncurry Shire Hall and demolishing the 'Supper Room' (separate building located next to the Shire Hall which included a kitchen and dining space) and the Public Library all located within the main shopping precinct and business centre of Cloncurry. The complex was underutilised and some aspects had become outdated for the community's diverse and varying needs. Additionally, the facilities were unable to provide sufficient space or facilities to host meetings and functions, the Library had become outdated and unable to provide a full-range of services and the kitchen and catering facilities within the Supper Room did not comply with current food standards. The requirement to upgrade these facilities was an important step in Cloncurry Shire Council's commitment to enhance the liveability of Cloncurry.

Andrew Daniels, Mayor of Cloncurry Shire, said the project was an important milestone in Cloncurry's development.

"Opening this Precinct marks the start of new prosperity for our community," said Andrew.

"With this premier facility we can not only provide top class venues and recreational and learning facilities for our community but attract new business to our town."

To bring the project to life EHM committed $750,000 in 2010 and a further $2 million in 2011 towards the Precinct through the Xstrata Community Partnership Program North Queensland (now known as the Glencore Community Program North Queensland following the merger of Glencore and Xstrata in early 2013) bringing our total contribution to $2.75 million.

Myles Johnston, former General Manager Ernest Henry Mining, said investing in and supporting our local community is an important part of the way we do business.

"Our contribution towards the Precinct reaffirms our long-term commitment to the Cloncurry community, particularly as EHM has transitioned to an underground operation and extended our life of mine to at least 2024," said Myles.

The Precinct is EHM's largest contribution towards a single project and one that we're proud to say will be a lasting legacy of our contribution to the Cloncurry community long after our operations have ceased.